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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Blue for Reef and Marine Aquariums

Original price $12.31 - Original price $79.09
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$12.31 - $79.09
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Boyd Chemi-Pure Blue provides all the benefits of original Chemi-Pure, tailored specifically for the needs of marine and reef aquariums. This proprietary blend of low-dust, pelleted, activated carbon in a nylon bag is an all-in-one media that provides superior filtration to keep your water crystal clear.Premium activated carbon + high grade ion-exchange resins.All-in-one filter media in a nylon bag.Specially designed for marine and reef aquariums.Chemi-Pure Blue features a highly effective blend of activated carbon and high capacity ion-exchange resins that significantly reduces organic compounds, waste, and phosphates, while raising redox and maintaining a stable pH in saltwater aquariums.Additional Benefits:Creates positive neurological environments of fish.Mimics a natural environment.Removes dissolved organics, coppers, metals, odors and phenol.Supports a healthy appetite and increases fish life span.Eliminates osmotic shock.Prevents ion antagonism.4-6 month shelf life.