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API Proper pH Sets and Stabilizes Freshwater Aquariums

by API
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API Proper pH Adjuster automatically sets and stabilizes your aquarium pH to the optimal level for your fish. Easy-to-use, fast dissolving powder that automatically sets and stabilizes pH while neutralizing chlorine and detoxifying heavy metals.Automatically sets and stabilizes pH to desired level.Easy-to-use, fast dissolving powder.Neutralizes chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals.Contains aloe vera and electrolytes to reduce fish stress. Use when setting up aquarium or changing water. Not for use in planted aquariums.Treatment Guide:Proper PH 7.0 (8.8 oz): Treats over 200 Gallons (Ideal for freshwater community aquariums).Proper PH 7.5 (9.2 oz): Treats over 200 Gallons (Ideal for Goldfish, Guppies, Barbs and Mollies).Proper PH 8.2 (7.0 oz): Treats over 200 Gallons (Ideal for Saltwater, Brackish, and African Cichlid aquariums).