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Fluval Water Conditioner with Herbal Extracts Makes Tap Water Safe for Aquariums

by Fluval
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$5.35 - $50.67
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Fluval Aquarium Water Conditioner offers total protection for tropical fish, neutralizing chlorine, chloramines and harmful metals to make tap water safe. Perfect for water changes, transporting fish and setting up new tanks.Makes tap water safe for tropical fish.Neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and undesirable metals.Pure herbal extracts reduce stress in fish.Coats scales and fins to protect against scrapes and cuts.Fish stress can be caused by a variety of factors, including transportation, handling and acclimatization to a new environment. Stress can make fish more susceptible to a number of serious diseases and infections. Fluval Water Conditioner uses pure herbal extracts to minimize fish stress and help your pets live long and healthy lives.Use for adding new water, water changes, new tank set-ups, fish transport, and cuts and wounds.Instructions for Use: Shake well before using.Directions:
Remove Chlorine: 5 ml treats 10 gallons
Remove Chloramine and Protect Scales and Fins: 10 ml treats 10 gallonsDosage:
4 oz (120 ml): Treats up to 240 gallons
8.4 oz (250 ml): Treats up to 500 gallons
16.9 oz (500 ml): Treats up to 1000 gallons