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Flukers Deep Thermal Heat Lamp for Reptiles

by Flukers
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Introducing Flukers Infrared Deep Thermal Heat Lamp Bulbs, the perfect solution to keep your reptile pets warm and healthy. As ectotherms, or cold-blooded animals, reptiles depend on the surrounding environmental temperature to regulate their own body temperatures. If the temperature is not appropriate, your pet may be susceptible to digestive problems or infections. Flukers Infrared Deep Thermal Heat Lamp Bulbs feature an advanced carbon fiber filament that emits both Infrared A and Infrared B, providing deep muscle tissue penetration that mimics natural suns heat. The infrared medium wave energy is easily absorbed by the reptile, which gently increases the temperature of their skin. The advanced Infrared Deep Thermal Heat Bulb offers 24/7 heat with minimal visible light and zero UV emission, so it wont disturb the sleep of reptiles or pets. The heating speed is fast and stable, and the heat is balanced and lasting, making it the perfect heat lamp for any style of terrarium. The parabolic reflector focuses heatwaves for optimal basking conditions, making it the perfect solution to maintain the humidity in your enclosure and prevent dehydration, as they do not evaporate water as quickly as standard heating lamps. These bulbs are manufactured with precision, resulting in higher quality and long-lasting durability. The carbon fiber filament ensures constant heat emission, while the heavy-duty construction guarantees higher durability and longevity. To ensure proper use, refer to the convenient temperature guide on the packaging. Keep your pets warm and healthy with Flukers Infrared Deep Thermal Heat Lamp Bulbs!Offers 24/7 heat with minimal visible light.Parabolic reflector focuses heatwaves for optimal basking conditions.Long-lasting durability.Fast and stable heating speed.Zero UV emission makes it perfect for all types of terrariums.