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Catit Creamy Superfood Lickable Chicken, Coconut and Kale Cat Treat

by Catit
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Made from fresh all-natural ingredients, Catit Creamy is packed with essential nutrients and simply bursting with flavor. This lickable treat is irresistible to cats, and enables you to interact and bond during mealtime like never before!Bond during Mealtime: Rich Chicken with Coconut & Kale puree in a lickable tube you can hand feed your cat for a fun and delicious cat treat. Serve to your cats directly on a cat dish or as a dry cat food topping. Freeze and make ice pops for a treat in hot weather..Essential for Cat Health: Catit Creamy healthy treats can be enjoyed by cats of all life stages. Each treat includes taurine, an essential nutrient that helps your cat maintain normal digestion, heart muscle function, eyesight and a healthy immune system. Catit Creamy Superfoods are also enriched with nutritious superfoods such as quinoa, coconut, kale, spirulina, chia and wakame!.Healthy and Hydrating: Catit Creamy is a nutritious and hydrating snack that adds variety to your cats diet. It is essential to keep your cat hydrated, as it ensures proper kidney function and digestion..Freshest Ingredients: Does not include any by-products, artificial flavors, additives or preservatives. These treats also dont contain corn, grain, wheat or soy. All the tuna that is included in Catit Creamy is fished in a dolphin-friendly way..Serving Size: Up to 3 tubes per day for an average size cat. Each convenient squeeze tube contains a single serving size. Feed each tube immediately after opening and dispose of any unused portion. Store unopened tubes in a cool dry place.