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Aqueon QuietFlow Canister Filter for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

by Aqueon
Original price $109.95 - Original price $199.95
Original price
$109.95 - $199.95
Current price $109.95
Aqueon QuietFlow Canister Filters provide multi-stage filtration for fresh and saltwater aquariums, with a back-hanging water polishing unit to keep your water pristine and healthy. Filters come pre-loaded with biological, chemical, and mechanical media for quick, easy start-up.For fresh and saltwater aquariums.Easy access for routine maintenance.Multistage biological, chemical and mechanical filtration.Flexible setups for optimal performance.Water polishing unit simplifies maintenance.Includes:
Quick disconnect valves
Pump locking heads
Water intake/output connections
Media: Activated carbon, Bio-balls, Bio-ceramic rings, Coarse foam pad, Water polishing unit with fine cartridge.Specifications:
QuietFlow 200
- Aquarium size: Up to 55 gallons
- Dimensions: 9"L x 10.8"W x 22.2"H
- 200 GPHQuietFlow 300
- Aquarium size: Up to 75 gallons
- Dimensions: 9.5"L x 13.7"W x 22.9"H
- 300 GPHQuietFlow 400
- Aquarium size: Up to 155 gallons
- Dimensions: 14.4"L x 14.8"W x 20.5"H
- 400 GPH