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Aquatop UV Replacement Bulb Single Tube

by Aquatop
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Aquatop UV Replacement Bulbs are highly efficient and effective UV bulbs designed to replace the existing bulb in a variety of UV sterilizers. Help keep your water clean and healthy with these UV bulbs that rid your tank of algae and dangerous parasites while keeping water crystal clear.

  • Helps keep water clean and clear
  • Highly effective replacement UV bulbs
  • Easy to replace

We recommend replacing annually for optimal performance.

Aquatop 5 Watt UV Bulb Fits:
UV-5 - Submersible UV Lamp
IL5UV - In-Line UV Sterilizer 5W

Aquatop 10 Watt UV Bulb Fits:
UV-10 - Submersible UV Lamp
IL10UV - In-Line UV Sterilizer 10W